Your Earthmoving and Vegetation Management Professionals In Ballarat

EVM Australia is your leading civil earthmover in Ballarat who can handle any earthmoving projects both big and small. At EVM Australia, our team has over 30 years of experience in the earthmoving industry, and understands what it takes to meet our client’s satisfaction and needs. First established in 2001 as a large-scale tree removal company, we have expanded our expertise and knowledge to deliver a more diverse range of land development service solutions to the locals of Ballarat.

Services We Provide

At EVM Australia, we’re proud to deliver a diversity of vegetation management and earthmoving services in Ballarat. Our range of services include:

  • Rock Removal Services – We can remove unwanted rocks and provide effective rock clearing in Ballarat that allows for your land development to go underway without any obstacles hindering it.
  • Rock Beaching Services – Our rock beaching services can help to build up areas that require additional structural support. We can also supply the rocks for your beaching project.
  • Earthmoving Services – Specialising in large and small earthmoving solutions we can offer our clients professional earthmoving services that are suitable for commercial or agricultural projects.
  • Large Scale Tree Removal Services – As a stump removal company in Ballarat, we can offer a professional local tree stump removal service that can remove unwanted trees or tree stumps. Our tree stump grinding services can handle large or small stumps quickly and effectively.

All services carried out by EVM Australia are assessed prior to works to ensure the safety and relocation of wildlife, if applicable.

Our Safety Record

At EVM Australia, we take pride in how we conduct our services. We believe in safety first and take measures to ensure any project we undertake has been assessed for potential risk factors to both our team and the surrounding wildlife. We work with Wildlife CSI to ensure safe relocation of animals before any ground work begins.

Contact EVM Australia

Located in Ballarat, Environmental Vegetation Management Australia is dedicated to delivering professional earthmoving and related services to the locals and businesses of Ballarat. Whether you need earthworks, stump removal or tree removal in Ballarat, we can get the job done. For more information on our services and what we can do for you, get in touch now!