With over 10-years of experience in rock clearing, Environmental Vegetation Management has cleared thousands of hectares of rocks across the years while delivering professional, reliable, and satisfactory services each and every time. At EVM we can provide our clients with professional rock clearing and rock moving services to help clear large sections of land for land development or use. In our fleet we have a large assortment of rock moving and clearing equipment which enables for us to tackle any large or small jobs.

At EVM we can easily clean up stones which are scattered across cropping and farming country. We can also offer larger rock clearing solutions with the removal of heavy rocky reefs in an efficient and quick manner. With an agricultural background, we understand the importance of providing a cost effective solution to difficult problems without breaking the budget. We can give that to you.

Improve Land Quality and Productivity With Rock Clearing

At EVM we understand the price of land is increasing and because of this people are looking for new ways to increase the production while improving the land they already own. We can help land owners to easily do this by removing nuisance and unnecessary rock build up which may be lowering the percentage of your land quality.

For very large rock clearing we use dump trucks, dozers, and excavators to remove the bulk of the rocks before opening up the site. When the site is opened we then prepare a seed bed using a chisel plough, and loosen up a majority of the rock as possible before using Degelman rock rakes and a picker to complete your land with a rock free seed bead ready for planting crops. If you’ve already worked your paddock, we can come in and rake and remove rocks that may be left behind.

In areas where rocks are already loosened, but stubble and dry grass exists, all that’s required for preparation and rock removal is the burning of the grass for a quicker and more efficient removal process. In horticultural applications, we can provide stone picking solutions with our fleet of equipment. We can make sure all stones are removed fast so you can get your job or project underway.

Call EVM For All Your Rock Clearing Service Needs

If you would like to know more about our rock clearing services, please don’t hesitate to contact Environmental Vegetation Management Australia today. Our professional team of rock clearing experts will be able to assess your situation and give you a plan of how we will complete the job within an allotted timeframe. Call us now!