At Environmental Vegetation Management Australia, we take every precaution to protect our native fauna and wildlife when completing any large or small project. Here at EVM Australia we work in conjunction with Wildlife CSI to ensure all wildlife and fauna are taken into account first before the initial beginning of any project.

The Wildlife CSI Team

Wildlife CSI is a specialist zoological consultancy firm who specialises in all areas of wildlife relocation, salvage, assessment, management and surveying. The team at Wildlife CSI are fully qualified and experienced zoologists, wildlife specialists, fauna handlers, and fauna ecologists who are knowledgeable and equipped to handle all areas of fauna assessment on projects such as:

  • Residential land development
  • Existing and new mine development projects
  • Roadside clearing and vegetation management projects
  • Linear infrastructure projects including pipeline, rail, freeways, and roads.
  • Dam and wetland management and decommissioning projects

Wildlife CSI also has a combined network of associates which can be called upon to handle specific projects such as:

  • Vegetation Assessment
  • Wildlife Management
  • Tranquilliser Darting of Wildlife

Services Provided By EVM Through CSI Wildlife
Fauna Relocation and Salvage

The Wildlife CSI Fauna Relocation and Salvage service handles the salvage and relocation of fauna and wildlife before a construction or development project begins.

Fauna Habitat Assessment

The Wildlife CSI Fauna Assessment service is carried out prior to the start of a project. A typical fauna habitat assessment includes the following:

  • Field survey
  • Identification of fauna’s habitat
  • Tranquilliser Darting of Wildlife
  • Fauna inspection in hollow bearing identified trees
  • Identification of fauna signs such as scat, tracks, burrows and nests.
  • A record of possible fauna in the area.
  • A record of potential threatened species
  • A survey of State and Federal wildlife/environment databases is undertaken.

Fauna Management

The Wildlife CSI Fauna Management and Conservation service offer a scientific approach in fauna problem identification, and appropriate management protocol and practice development.

Fauna Survey

The Wildlife Fauna Survey service can easily tailor a survey for your specific needs and budget. They can complete a wildlife survey for development projects, threatened species and biodiversity assessment.

EVM Australia: Protecting Our Wildlife

EVM Australia is proud to take the initiative to protect the Australian wildlife in any way possible. If you would like to know more about our services or how Wildlife CSI can help save the fauna before any project starts, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.